The Aviation Radio Simulator



Learn on the go

  • App-based
  • No Internet connection required

Practice in realistic environments

  • Over 50 airports
  • Hundreds of scenarios
  • All phases of flight

Acquire critical skills

  • Aviation phraseology
  • Communication procedures
  • Radiotelephony

Get immediate feedback

  • Phraseology corrections
  • Speech rate analysis
  • Radio proficiency scoring


Annual Subscription

$4.99 per month

$59.99 billed once every 12 months

6 Month Subscription

$6.67 per month

$39.99 billed once every 6 months

Monthly Subscription

$9.99 per month

$9.99 billed once every month

Institutions and Flight Schools

Contact us at to find out about customization and licensing options for your institution.

About Us
Training opportunities to learn and master aviation radio communication are few and expensive.

We created PlaneEnglish – our app-based aviation radio communication simulator- as a solution to the lack of hands-on, in-flight experience for acquiring radio communication skills. Informed and guided by the FAA and ICAO English language standards, phraseology, and radiotelephony procedures, new pilots can gain critical skills in an accessible, affordable, and effective way.

Current PlaneEnglish capabilities focus on training pilots in aviation phraseology and radiotelephony for VFR flight. Our future efforts will expand capabilities and utility of PlaneEnglish to IFR flight and even other aviation professionals like ATC, dispatchers, ground crews, etc.

We want to be the means by which ICAO and FAA can assess radio communication proficiency and above all, increase aviation safety.

PlaneEnglish is available for Android on the Google Play Store, with next steps focusing on iOS development. We are interested in discussing partnership and sales opportunities with various institutions. Please contact us!

We have an experienced and passionate team that wants to change how professionals train.

Muharrem Mane, Ph.D. – President and co-Founder
  • Muharrem has over 10 years of experience developing optimization tools in support of technology assessment, systems analysis, and strategic decisions for the DoD. Combining this background with his passion for aviation (he is a private pilot with 100+ flying hours) led him to partner with Eren to develop PlaneEnglish.

Eren Hadimioglu – VP of Content Development and co-Founder
  • Eren has a background in aviation management with a focus in aviation safety. He is an instrument-rated private pilot with over 800 hours of flying experience and holds an FCC restricted radio operator license. Eren’s experience in flight training led him to identify the need for a realistic radio communication training environment and he now leads the development of PlaneEnglish content.